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  • "in the last decade technology help us alot in all fields,why not using it to make your body on shape again?"

    farmaniyeh lipomatic

  • "lipomatic is one the most common surgery for losing weight around the world right now "

    farmaniyeh lipomatic

  • "any surgery need a sterile area, lipomatic surgery need the sterile room of the hospital as well farmaniyeh lipomatic center do it in the hospital with a fantastic aftercare.."

    CEO of Farmainyeh Lipomatic


in this section we try to give you all needed knowledge about the lipimatic surgery
we hope you find them useful

our services

95% happy patient

you have a chance to visit last day patients in your appointment time in the center


its not a game ! so the surgery team must have a fair amount of Experience !

Just In Hospital

every surgery need a hospital sterile room, lipomatic need it as well,we never ever operate outside the Hospital

fantastic aftercare

after care is one the most important part of our operations,even you can contact us after some month and use our expert suggestions freely

just on time

every surgery going to begin on time , our delay is under 1 percent, and trying to not postpone any patient surgery ever

money is not everything!

honestly,patient money is important for us and our team,but is not everything ! this means we tell you everything if some operation is not suitable for your body or put you at any kind of risk

About Us

lipomatic is one of the most common surgery based kind of losing weight operation in all of the world right now, in the past decade farmaniyeh lipomatic center completed more than 2000 successful lipomatic and abdominoplasty surgery with the combination of our expert knowledge and worlds best technology, fantastic rate of 95 percent happy patient show it as well

every body is unique,tell us your story, we give you some offers and finally you decide to use our center our not

It’s been said Lipomatic Surgery won’t help your heath, but there is a good chance that lipomatic can improve the patient’s blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby reducing their risk of heart conditions..

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